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19/07/2019 • 🍸Bartender Portrait🍸 "Always be on the hunt for new flavours", says @golvetbarandreas – Bar Manager at Golvet - when ...


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18/07/2019 • What’s your favourite summer drink? @meanwhileinawesometown loves to mix the refreshing 🍸Bee’s Knees🍸– a perfect ...


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17/07/2019 • Even without the alcohol, fantastic drink creations can impress with complex taste profiles. Treat yourself with the🍸Son Of A ...


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16/07/2019 • Looking for some variety for your next Gin & Tonic? Then you should definitely try the 🍸Elderflower Gin & Tonic🍸 with the ...


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15/07/2019 • Time to BARbeque! Drinks for barbecuing should achieve a certain effect - complementary or in line with the food. Try out the ...


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12/07/2019 • What's a G without the T? A tonic water's job is to pair with the gins aromas and create the wonder of the G&T. Our Thomas Henry ...


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11/07/2019 • Wine in Cocktails? Wine not! You have to try our favourite summer drink mixed with Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic & a dry ...


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10/07/2019 • Transformation is the overall headline of modern bartending. It describes the deconstruction of a resource and the reassembling ...


09/07/2019 • Our workshop on Food & Drink Transformation is an entrance into a new world of molecular bartending. We provide access to the ...


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08/07/2019 • Find your perfect summer drink! Whether on the balcony, at garden parties, at picnics in the park or at the lake – our ...


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05/07/2019 • You want to know, what BBQ on the rocks tastes like? Try out the 🍸Basil Mule🍸 - a refreshingly spicy Mule-Drink that we ...


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04/07/2019 • 🎉Our friends at @berlinerbrandstifter are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and have just launched their aged grain ...


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