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AR in Search: A new way to learn

Discover 3D augmented reality models directly in Google search. Hear from product manager director of AR experiences Jennifer Liu on how Android's AR Core ...


Android Digital Wellbeing: Tools for balance

We're committed to helping you find the right balance with technology. In addition to the Digital Wellbeing tools and features that have rolled out on Android this ...


Introducing Live Caption on Android

Turn on captioned audio across apps with Live Caption. Hear Android Accessibility product manager Brian Kemler explain how it supports across the Android ...


Android Digital Wellbeing: Introducing Focus mode

New Digital Wellbeing feature Focus mode lets you put a pause on apps you find distracting. Android Digital Wellbeing lead Rose La Prairie explains why this ...


Android Q: Dark Theme is here

Dark Theme has arrived. Group product manager Shenaz Zack explains how going dark saves your battery and works across the Android Q system and apps.


Android Q: Powering foldables

The foldables revolution is just beginning and it's being powered by Android Q. Developer tools lead Leo Sei explains how Android's openness makes it a great ...


Your Information, Your Digital Wellbeing

Seeing your Digital Wellbeing data can be an emotional experience. Do you REALLY spend that much time on an app? Android experts Rose La Prairie and ...


Now Your Android is a Security Key | Android

Now on Android, your phone is a security key to protect your accounts from phishing. Christiaan Brand, product manager on the Google Cloud Security team, ...


Android Security & Privacy 2018 Year in Review

Hear from Dave Kleidermacher, VP of Android Security & Privacy, as he discusses the highlights from the Android Security & Privacy 2018 Year in Review report ...


Android & Google Assistant: Working Together

Google Assistant's Group Product Manager, Austin Chang, discusses how together, Android and the Google Assistant make it easier to access the information ...


Android Digital Wellbeing: The Right Balance for You

How do you define screen time well spent versus the endless scroll? See how Android Digital Wellbeing experts, Rose La Prairie and Maggie Stanphill, ...


The New Google Assistant Button | Mobile World Congress 2019

Users are coming online for the first time, and the number of languages available on the Assistant is growing. With just one tap, a dedicated button on your ...


5G: First on Android | Mobile World Congress 2019

Welcome to the age of 5G, first on Android. Hear directly from Android's Marketing VP, Bob Borchers, and Qualcomm's VP of Global Product Marketing, Don ...


Android Accessibility: Live Transcribe

Imagine a world where people who are deaf or hard of hearing can have everyday in-person conversations, in real time. Google research scientist Dimitri ...


Android Enterprise: Management Overview

Android offers management options for any deployment, from strict lock‑down devices to personally‑enabled and single‑use scenarios. Discover more about ...


Android Enterprise: Zero-Touch Enrollment

Fast, easy, and secure. Zero-touch enrollment with Android Enterprise enables large scale Android deployments across multiple device makers so your ...

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