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IFA 2019: Invitation

How do you envision 5G changing the way we communicate? Follow #HuaweiIFA2019 for more info.


#HDC2019: Cyberverse - Rethink Real & Digital World

Let's rethink the real and digital world. Cyberverse is an innovative advanced technology that integrates the virtual world with what's right in front of our eyes.


HDC 2019: Rethink The Real And Digital World

A brand new type of interactive experience, ground breaking AR scene map modelling and more upcoming futuristic tech. All of this can be found at the Huawei ...


HDC 2019: Explore Endless Possibilities With Huawei

A color-blind developer, Jin, finds creative and functional new ways in utilizing HiAI to his advantage. Sometimes it just takes one developer's creativity and story ...


Huawei P30 Captures Your Summer

The #HuaweiP30 captures unforgettable memories in incredible detail. From the powerful 50x zoom to intelligent light balancing for sharp photos day or night, ...


HUAWEI Mate 20 X 5G Uploading in a flash

More power, more reliability, the Huawei #Mate20x5G will blow you away. Connect with the future now:


HUAWEI Mate 20 X 5G Buffer-free streaming

Want to see what the Huawei #Mate20x5G can achieve? With the #5G network and two new SUPER chipsets, streaming your favourite videos has never been ...


HUAWEI Mate 20 X 5G Lower Latency

Gaming has never been so seamless with the Huawei #Mate20x5G! Get superfast lightning speeds with #5G now. You'll thank us for it: ...


Huawei P30 Pro EXTREME Review

The UK's Largest Tech YouTuber, MrWhoseTheBoss ( took the #HuaweiP30Pro to the extreme in a 2-day ...


HUAWEI P30 Pro with Steve McCurry | All Roads Lead to Rome

Steve McCurry brought us to Rome, an inspirational city of history, art and beauty. “One of the great things about photography is just wandering and exploring a ...


Introducing the HUAWEI Mate 20 X 5G

The HUAWEI Mate 20 X 5G is ushering a new era of 5G technology to connect you to the future, today. Powered by the Balong 5000, HUAWEI's first 7nm ...


The 2019 HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards are open for entries

The 2019 HUAWEI NEXT-IMAGE Awards are open for entries and consist of 6 conceptual categories. The contest explores the possibilities of next-generation ...


#RewriteFashion with Dual-View Video

Get the best of both worlds with zoom and wide angle in one screen. #RewriteFashion with Dual-View shooting. #HUAWEIP30 #RewriteTheRules.


Find your fashion flair with the HUAWEI P30 Pro

Break the mould. We embraced the power of AI to enhance traditional fashion design and created a collection formed by human expertise and machine learning.


HUAWEI P30 Series - 12 Hours of Daytime

When the world comes closer in the daytime, you can discover moments within moments, stories within stories. #HUAWEIP30 #RewriteTheRules ...


HUAWEI P30 Series - Inspired By Nature

The world's natural wonders trigger thought-provoking creativity. The all new #HUAWEIP30 Series, inspired by nature. #RewriteTheRules.

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